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Super fast checklist

Quickly check movies as seen, not seen, favourite or watchlist by swiping the movie poster in the corresponding direction. (Aprox. 50 movies/min.)

Emotional movies

Tell us what you thought about a certain movie and how it made you feel with simple tags similar to the ones you already know and love from Facebook.

Quality recomendations

Now that we know what kind of movies you've seen and how they make you feel, we can offer quality recommendations based on all of this information so you know what movie to watch next.

Our movie recommendation system will be published as a freemium API, so that everyone can include our awesome recommendations into their sites and apps.

Feel free to try it out when we launch or sign up to our newsletter below for a chance to try out or private beta.


José A. Palacios Ramírez


Samuel Hindley López


Jesús D. Rivera Rubio

Business development

Antonio Romero Gómez

iOS developer

Jesús Garrido Moscoso

Android developer


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With Mooviest you can easily check the movies you've seen with a simple swipe gesture. These movies you've seen and favourite actors combined with your context and everyday mood will allow Mooviest to provide you with much better recommendations.


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